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    March 13, 2017 · London Alexa Devs,alexa,Voice Design
    Last week we had the 5th London Alexa Devs meetup at the Innovation Warehouse. It's great to see the number of attendees growing as Voice computing becomes more popular with developers! We had some great talks:Voice Design Best Practice – Jess WilliamsMulti-Factor Auth in Alexa Skills - Faisal...
    March 12, 2017 · Voice,alexa skills,UX
    Most people that have used Alexa will recognize that experiences through voice are very different than on screens, which is why Voice User Experience design – or VUX design – requires a different set of skills.   1. Manage Users' Expectations Movies like “Her” and “Ex-Machina” mean that...
    Opearlo Analytics is a voice specific analytics platform, which lets you track key usage metrics of your voice apps, from the number of new vs. returning users, to daily or monthly active users. It also provides valuable insights into the types of conversations users are engaging in with your...
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