• Introducing the Opearlo Voice Platform

    Get detailed insights into the usage of your Voice Apps


    Manage content and update responses in real-time


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  • The Opearlo Voice Platform tracks the metrics that matter to your business




    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage
  • Understand your users with real-time analytics



    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage

    Track user acquisition and repeat usage

    Apply user insights to targeted marketing campaigns aimed at new user acquisition and retention


    Monitor effectiveness of campaigns on new and repeat users





    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage

    Deep dive into voice events

    Understand how users are interacting with your Alexa skill in a single session with an average number of voice events


    Voice events are fully customisable in the Opearlo Analytics SDK





    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage

    Understand user behaviour through voice pathways

    Understand where users drop off in the journey and most commonly used voice events


    Use insights to identify any issues or opportunities for improvement in the Alexa conversation




    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage

    Discover what users are asking Alexa

    Identify errors or issues in request recognition and response


    Spot opportunities for additional or optimised response content







    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage

    Track retention rates for your voice app

    Monitor retention rates for your app across the last ten days


    See the average daily retention for the first ten days that a user has the skill

  • Update voice responses in real time

    Opearlo Voice Analytics Alexa Usage Content Management CMS

    Edit responses in our online content management tool

    The Voice Content tab is a user friendly online dashboard that enables you to add and edit Alexa’s responses.

    • Text and audio files can be changed and added to the tool.
    • Responses can be scheduled for specific time frames
    • Adapt messaging quickly and efficiently based on analytics insights
    • Schedule campaigns with different Alexa responses
    • No need to directly edit code

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