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    We're a team of voice designers and developers making it our mission to build the best voice apps for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


    Games, productivity, health & fitness, kids - we build across all categories and hope to create something for everyone!


    Scroll down for an overview of the Alexa Skills we've built, but if you'd like to see how popular they are, click below:


    👉 bit.ly/opearlo-skills


    "Alexa, open Riddle of the Day"


    A great way to kick start you day! Riddle of the Day plays a new riddle every morning for you to try and solve before the answer is revealed every evening.

    "Alexa, open Guess my Name"


    Laptops down and phones away for this guessing game you can play all day! Fun for one or for all the family 👨‍👦‍👦


    "Alexa, open Panda Rescue"


    PRIZE WINNER of the Alexa KIDS Competition! Set in a Panda Conservation Centre in China, children aged 4-11 (and parents!) will love learning about Pandas as they play the role of a young volunteer who is tasked with raising their own baby panda and teaching him or her new skills 🐼



    "Alexa, open Riddle of the Day"

    Hear a new riddle every morning for you to ponder all day. Answers revealed in the evening. 😋



    "Alexa, open Find my Phone!"

    Does what is says on the tin! On first use we send you a text authentication to check it's really you, and thereafter just say "Alexa, find my phone!" and we'll ring it.



    "Alexa, open House Tracker!"


    Win points by logging chores to see if you can be top of your household leaderboard!
    "Alexa, tell House Tracker I did the dishes"
    "Alexa, ask House tracker for the status"

    "Alexa, ask House Tracker who last did the dishes?"


    "Alexa, open Easy Tuner"


    Easy Tuner by Life Bot is the easiest way to tune your guitar!
    "Alexa, ask Easy Tuner to play Standard Tuning."
    "Alexa, ask Easy Tuner to play Drop D Tuning."




    "Alexa, enable Easy Meditation"


    Easy Meditation guides you through 10 minute meditations by yoga teacher, nutritionist and blogger Madeleine Shaw. You can ask for a meditation for anxiety, confidence and stress.


    "Alexa, open Daily Stretch!"


    Daily stretch walks you through easy stretches to do at home for different parts of the body.
    “Alexa, open daily stretch.”
    "“Alexa, ask daily stretch for an ankle stretch"
    "Alexa, ask house tracker who last did the dishes?"

    "Alexa, ask daily stretch for a lower body series"


    "Alexa, enable Easy Yoga"


    Easy Yoga by Life Bot guides you through 10-15 minute audio yoga routines by yoga teacher Annie Clarke.

    Choose from a morning yoga routine, an evening yoga routine, or an energising yoga flow.


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